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Baby's Grasp

Hola! Welcome! I'm so thrilled that you have found my page. I'm Adela, a Los Angeles native, a Latina, a mama, and a birth & postpartum doula.

As a Doula, I believe all birthing people deserve the opportunity to have the birth they want. I feel all birthing people should be empowered by the choices they make. I will listen to you, and work alongside you as you prepare to give birth. I can provide evidence based guidance, as well as emotional and physical support for both the birthing person, and partner while in labor. 

During the postpartum period, I can provide support to the birthing person, partner, and baby as they transition into their new family dynamic. I fully believe believe it takes a village, and I would be honored to be a part of yours.

Love & Light, Adela

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