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My passion for all things birth started in 2016 after I learned I was pregnant with my son. I completely immersed myself in anything, and everything I could find. Through my pregnancy, and postpartum journey I realized that there were challenges with being a birthing person. Aside from physical and hormonal challenges, navigating care and my choices - really my rights -  wasn't as clear cut as I expected it to be. 

Through my own experience I learned of the vast discrepancies in care, and the ease with which birthing people are TOLD they need to do x,y, and z - instead of being given a CHOICE. In speaking to other birthing people, I realized nearly all birthing people want to be empowered, and supported during this time.  My passion is to empower others, and be part of a greater movement to enhance care for all birthing people from all walks of life. 

I believe all births are beautiful, and so incredibly powerful. I'm here to hold space, honor that intimate moment, and remind you of how bad-ass you are. 

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